Chaep Rolex Replica cooperation with F1 success of Rolex

December 5, 2012, as a pioneer in manufacturing the world’s leading luxury watch brand and sponsorship in the field of sports activities, Rolex announced since 2013 onwards will form an important partner with the Formula 1 Grand Prix (Formula 1?), As its Official Timekeeper and Official Watch brands. This partnership will strengthen again Rolex Replica motor sport, and support for the world’s highest standards of sporting events.

The new collaboration with leading motor sport Rolex makes two giants in the field together hand in hand. Both sides have consistently striven for success in their respective fields, precision, dedication to excellence and innovation. This collaboration is part of a strategic decision of Rolex. Rolex will be more rigorous selection of sponsorship, the sponsor continued focus on supporting those unrepresentative and has tremendous influence in the global event.

Continue to break the limits of technology
Mr. Gian Riccardo Marini, CEO of Rolex worldwide, said: “For the Rolex is concerned, this cooperation can be said has taken a dramatic step, a Formula One World Championship and the Rolex cooperation can be described as a perfect match, like all great cooperation, as does . Self-evident. “He added that” in our respective fields. Rolex and Formula One Championship embody the spirit of adventure, top technology breakthroughs and technological boundaries of desire and pursuit of these qualities to the younger generation with a strong. Appeal. ”

“Our self-winding mechanical watch, for example, when you create a professional racer designed for meter Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona (Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona), is a cutting-edge innovation and technology with traditional craftsmanship of crystallization, which cut thanks to our engineers and watch artisans to detail the relentless pursuit of passion. “Mr. Marini said.

“Rolex watch symbolizes outstanding performance and reliability prowess pursuit, two qualities which are in a Formula One World Championship has been reflected in the past five years, Rolex and Formula One championship two ambitions aspirations of partners, have grown in their respective areas of the world’s leading brands, there are many great opportunities in the future waiting for us to share. “Mr. Marini added.

F1 ™ ideal partner
In Formula One Group CEO Bernie Ecclestone’s view, “There is no doubt, Cheap Rolex Replica Watches is the ideal partner for Formula One championship this world-class sporting events.” Rolex brand prowess, outstanding quality of their watches, as well as brand enthusiasm and long-term support for the cause of the car, which has allowed us to become a Rolex ideal partner. Formula One racing enthusiast has long waited for this work together. This makes them a natural fit for the ultimate realization of excited. Rolex has always been determined to support the sport. This spirit is admirable. That is why. Rolex watches and a Formula One race together are a relaxed fit. “Mr Ecclestone, said.

As official timekeeper and official contest watch brands, unique venue for the Formula One Championship, Rolex timing service provided. Meanwhile, the Rolex logo will also be included on each track and a number of bends. Rolex and the perfect fusion of the game will gradually be contained in the next season.

Passion for motor sport, timeless
For Rolex, the hand in a Formula One motor racing championship with the trademark has long been closely linked. Rolex brand since the 1930s with a number of well-known riders struck on the field, including Sir Malcolm Campbell (Sir Malcolm Campbell), he drove the fastest time in the world land speed record holder in 1935 who “Bluebird” (Bluebird) broke the 300 miles (483 km / h) per hour record. While Sir Malcolm just wearing a Rolex Oyster watch is the time to complete the feat.

The late 1950s, the Swiss watchmaking leaders and Florida Daytona International Speedway (Daytona International Speedway) formed a partnership. In 1963, Rolex to the track named after its launch specifically for motor sport watches – the legendary chronograph Cosmograph Daytona (Cosmograph Daytona).

Since 1960, Rolex invited racing legend Sir Jack Stewart (Sir Jackie Stewart) joined the ranks of the Rolex excellent spokesperson. He is part of the driver of a Formula One racing’s most prestigious community in the past forty years. Sir Jack foremost Formula One championship three times, respectively, in 196 years, in 1971 and 1973, and 27 times won the championship race. He also due to the efforts in the 1970s to encourage the safety of Formula One driver and won wide praise.

The relentless pursuit of excellence for precision
Sir Jack Stewart said: “Rolex has been thoroughly selected partners. It was so admirable, I am glad Rolex lasting bonds outstanding Formula One championship, whether or Rolex Daytona watch it constantly over the past five decades of technological innovation. Have demonstrated outstanding performance and Rolex on the relentless pursuit of eternal value?

Sir Jack added: “In my forty years of cooperation with the Rolex experience and my experience in Formula One racing level, I believe this will be a great partnership, necessarily a great success.”